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Cleanse and hydrate skin naturally balance oily skin for clearer complexions. Clear blemishes and reduce acne spots. Help relieve symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

Are you struggling with blemishes, acne, encema? Our Anti aging Enhanced Black Soap is for you. Infused with DEAD SEED MUD from Jerusalem, know worldwide for its awesome skin healing abilities! Also help with detoxifying, giving a brighter appearance to the skin and maintaining healthy soft and smooth skin.

Cleanse and rejuvenate skin with an array of wholesome ingredients crafted in a delicate time-tested process

We are proud to present our Anti Aging Enhanced African Black Soap. Wholesome ingredients such as DEAD SEED MUD, palm leaves, and cocoa powder just to name a few are gently hand blended to perfection with healing Shea butter in a delicate process used locally for hundreds of years in West Africa.

PREVENT PREMATURE AGING: There is no medicine or pill that can stop you from aging. But there are medicines that can slow down the symptoms of aging and African black soap is one of them. Pre-mature aging happens when unhealthy lifestyle accelerates the symptoms of aging. Loaded with antioxidants, African black soap prevents premature wrinkles and sagging skin.

Use on both face and body. Best use with any of our Body Milk.

Pure NATURAL and Suitable for all skin Types. Our LUXURY products are made of the FINEST ORGANIC and locally sourced NATURAL resources, to cleanse and condition, hydrate and brighten, moisturize and revive just in two weeks. Choose Elise CLAIRE today for a beautiful glowing skin!!