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Elise Claire infused Makeup Removing Water is designed to gently lifts even long-wear and waterproof makeup from the skin with a unique, sensorial gel-texture without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean and refreshed without over-drying.

No harsh rubbing or rinsing is required,

it’s oil free, hydrating, sulfate free, alcohol free, fragrance free, acts as a dirt magnet, suitable for contact lens wear, attracting and lifting makeup and impurities such as oil and dirt for ultimate cleansing. It’s a natural blend of Kiwi and Coconut waters for added hydration and radiance. After each use, skin feels clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Effective + Soothes + Gentle to all skin types, even sensitive

Removes even waterproof mascara

Results: Skin feels clean and decongested, pores are minimized & dry skin feels comfortable and hydrated.

How to use: Use a cotton pad doused in make-up remover and sweep over your face and closed eyes. Don’t forget to shake it up before getting started.