Deep Cleaning and
Purifying Brush Cleanser
Elise Claire Conditioning Instant Makeup Brushes Cleanser is an anti-bacterial quick use brush cleanser for quick cleaning of brushes in between makeup application. It cleans while conditioning and disinfecting the bristles to prevent breakout and infection.
It will effectively disinfect and rids your tools of all impurities as it conditions and leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean. It’s antibacterial, no rinse and the quick-drying formula allows you to use your brushes instantly leaving your brushes soft and maintaining the quality of the hairs over time. Suitable for natural or synthetic brushes.
Spray the Cleanser onto a tissue or towel  or directly onto brush bristles and lightly stroke your brushes in a forward and backward motion to clean until dirt and makeup disappear. Allow to air dry in 1-2 mins. Your brushes will love you.
No need to Rinse