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Firms, Lifts, Comforts, Skin Toning, Rich in Vitamin C, Hydroquinone FREE, Reduce Discoloration, Even up your skin tone, Fade away dark spots and helps with dark elbows, Knuckles and knees.

Our Skin Milk is an Intense Toning Body and Face Cream. It will create a complete clear and even tone. Leaving your skin bright and glowing. Diminishing the appearance of stubborn spots, hyperpigmentation problems and discoloration revealing body milk blends, an extreme active firming agent with a moisturizing body treatment that ensures your skin will be perfectly hydrated and nourished.

Use on a clean dry skin, both face and body. Best use with our Black Soap or Shower Gel. Pure NATURAL and Suitable for all skin Types. Our LUXURY products are made of the FINEST ORGANIC and locally sourced NATURAL resources, to cleanse and condition, hydrate and brighten, moisturize and revive justĀ in two weeks. Choose Elise CLAIRE today for a beautiful glowing skin!!