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Skin rejuvenation

Can use on sensitive skin

Sunscreen for sun protection

Washes away dead skin cells

Helps with Hyper pigmentation

Gives you a squeaky clean and clear skin

Leaves your skin very smooth with a velvet feel. Brighten up your skin leaving you with a beautiful glowing skin.

Designed to remove surface impurities without stripping skin of moisture. It cleanses skin deep within pores, improves skin tone, preventing bacteria build-up with Benzyl Salicylate.

it’s revered for having skin nourishing benefits. The abundance of antioxidants will fight wrinkles, fade scars, soothes eczema, calms psoriasis, skin aging, and facial lines. The antibacterial agents will act as a mini peel at every use, fight acne, removes blemishes, prevents rashes itching, boost collagen regeneration, fade skin discoloration, reduce skin inflammation and rejuvenates the skin, leaving your skin soft, fresh, clean, glowing and will improve and your skin will look absolutely radiant.

Use on both face and body. Best use with any of our Body Milk.

Pure NATURAL and Suitable for all skin Types. Our LUXURY products are made of the FINEST ORGANIC and locally sourced NATURAL resources, to cleanse and condition, hydrate and brighten, moisturize and revive just in two weeks. Choose Elise CLAIRE today for a beautiful glowing skin!!