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With Natural Witch Hazel

Soothes, Cools, Relieves

Sunburn and Minor Burns

Pimples and Heat Rash

Tone the Skin and Clear Blemishes

We combines natural witch hazel extract with skin conditioning ingredients in a clear toners. It acts immediately to cool and soothe minor irritations, itching, swelling and redness and protect against infection.

Use to relieve itching, insects bites and stings, sunburn, minor rashes, skin irritations, tighten pores and dried up oils.

Use our magic toner as an astringent on the face to tighten enlarged pores and help clear blemishes, bacteria and spots due to excess oil.


Use everyday in the morning and evening. Apply a small amount of toner onto cotton wool and wipe over face, avoiding contact with delicate eye area.

Use on face. Best use with luxury our skincare products.

Pure NATURAL and Suitable for all skin Types. Our LUXURY products are made of the FINEST ORGANIC and locally sourced NATURAL resources, to cleanse and condition, hydrate and brighten, moisturize and revive just in two weeks. Choose Elise CLAIRE today for a beautiful glowing skin!!